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      Wastewater treatment renovation project

      Engineering transformation basis and content

      1、Engineering design basic information

      (1) Party A entrusts the transformation of the wastewater treatment system.

      (2) The design plan, drawings and materials of the new wastewater treatment system provided by Party A.

      (3) The requirements of the environmental protection authorities for the total amount of water pollutants in Party A.

      (4) Basic data such as wastewater type, concentration range, water quantity, discharge law, engineering site and existing system.

      (5) Experience in wastewater treatment engineering of similar printing and dyeing factories.

      2、Standards and specifications for design basis

      (1) basic design data such as water and quantity supplied by the owner

      (2) People's Republic of China national standard "comprehensive discharge standard for sewage" (GB8978-1996)

      (3) water pollutant discharge limits in Guangdong province (DB44/26 - 2001)

      (4) environmental quality standards for surface water (GB 3838-1988)

      (5) code for outdoor drainage design revised in 1997 (GB J 14-1987)

      (6) code for design of building water supply and drainage (GB J 15-1988)

      (7) technical specification for waterproofing of underground works (GB J 16-1987)

      (8) code for structural design of water supply and sewerage works (GB J 69-1984)

      (9) code for construction and acceptance of water supply and drainage structures (GB J 141-1990)

      (10) sewage and sludge discharge standards for municipal sewage treatment plants (CJ 3025-93)

      (11) "environmental engineering design manual"

      (12) environmental engineering calculation manual.

      (13) materials manuals for environmental protection equipment.

      (14) water treatment engineer manual.

      (15) water supply and drainage engineering structure manual.

      3、Transformation principle

      (1) Strictly implement the relevant policies, regulations, standards and relevant norms of the state for environmental protection, and ensure that the concentration of pollutants after treatment of wastewater reaches the national and local allowable discharge standards.

      (2) The existing conditions of the new wastewater treatment system are fully considered and utilized in the design, and the optimal design objectives are achieved with minimal technical modification.

      (3) Give full consideration to the quantity and quality of wastewater and the area of Engineering land, pay attention to the actual situation, avoid unnecessary waste.

      (4) According to the specific conditions and characteristics of the existing wastewater treatment system, a simple, mature, stable, practical, economical and reasonable treatment process is adopted to save investment and reduce operating and management costs.

      (5) While ensuring the treatment efficiency, the engineering design is compact and reasonable, the engineering cost is saved, the area occupied is reduced, and the operation cost is reduced.

      (6) The new process unit is set up reasonably, the process parameters are appropriate and suit local conditions; the efficiency of the process unit is greatly improved, and the process parameters can be adjusted to meet the process requirements.

      (7) General purpose products are used for equipment selection. Products selected should be advanced in technology, quality assurance, stable and reliable performance, high efficiency, convenient management, less maintenance work, moderate price and good after-sales service in China.

      (8) management, operation and maintenance are as convenient as possible, minimizing labor intensity as far as possible.

      (9) short period of reconstruction and maximization do not affect normal production.

      (10) Effective renovation of wastewater quality characteristics, water quantity and wastewater pipelines should be carried out with reasonable cost and investment savings.

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